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Mistaffing for retail and hospitality

MiStaffing for Retail and Hospitality takes the hassle out of filling shifts and gives employers an easy to use and cost effective solution to their staffing needs. 

Easily manage a pool of qualified, local employees to fill last minute shifts or to cater for increased demand for staff. 

Our easy to use platform makes sorting through lists or ringing around other branches a thing of the past. Simply post your job and notifications will be sent to all available employees so they can apply for the shift. 

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FOR employers

Gain Access to Qualified and trained employees from your local area

  • Take the hassle out of filling shifts with our easy to use intuitive design  

  • No more ringing around and using lists of staff - just post a job and have it filled by local employees looking for more work 

  • Invite your favourite employees for repeat business

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FOR employees

looking for more work

  • Download and register on the App for free

  • Update your profile with your contact details, Work ID number and current store location

  • Be notified of any available shifts within your local area and easily apply

  • Choose to work as little or as much as you like

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