Returning to Work – Accessing Additional Childcare Days

Returning to work after parental leave is often a challenging milestone for most new parents.  Juggling childcare scheduled days, vs income and career is a tightrope walk that faces huge fears of sacrificing one, if not all in order to make the return to work.


We explore your rights on returning to work, how to utilise new child care technology to find the best child care centre’s near you, and how to tap into 120,000 available spaces in any one day.


The 2015 Productivity commission report states: “There are approximately 165,000 Parents (mostly mothers) who are inhibited from participating in the workforce due to a lack of adequate childcare access. By enabling 165,000 Parents to further participate in the workforce, in a year, equates to an approximate $1.3Bn increase in GDP.”


Legally, your employer is required to provide the same position after your parental leave. However, it is worth checking your rights further here

Sadly, many employers in Australia are still favouring full-time employees, despite diversity challenges. Therefore, they can argue your previous position required full-time hours.

If you are still within the 12-month maternity leave period, your employer will have to provide a similar opportunity associated with your skills and experience.

Be prepared, legally they can offer an alternative position, which may sit below your expectations and career aspirations, leaving you the decision of whether to move on or not.



Despite the need for a greater requirement for women to return to work – flexibility & accessibility in child care has not changed due to the ever increasing rise of demand for Childcare services.

Often the greatest issues are;

  1. Finding the best child care services near where you live, or work. There is so much work in researching and filling out multiple enrolment forms, uploading the same information each time.
  2. The wait list for these designated days are often so long and can prevent you from moving forward with returning to work.
  3. Once you find a great Child care centre, often the centre only has available for 2 of your 4 required days. This means you need to find alternative options at another centre
  4. The last minute changes in requirements at your work, meaning you need to find last minute child care.

It’s no wonder why it feels overwhelming to consider returning to work! Luckily there has been some new technology to help you on the way! Here are some solutions to returning to work challenges;


New child care enrolment technology – your families online passport to child care anywhere!

The MiCare “Passport to Care” is a secure digital passport of information that is completed once online, and easily used to apply to multiple child care centres anywhere for permanent positions

Find casual child care days while waiting for a permanent position

Did you know! In any childcare centre, on any one day, there are approximately 8% children absent, equating to approximately 120,000 children who do not fill their child care space on any particular day.

Once you have completed MiCare’s passport to care process, you can download the MiCare mobile app that can access immediate casual day care that is available from children absent.

MiCare technology accesses the corresponding centre to acknowledge the record of these days available to ensure validity. If a centre has not signed up, it is a 10min process to be active and available for parents to use the technology.

If you haven’t already experienced the technology, follow the link below to access the services mentioned above. Please click here